Yixing teapot Si Ting Wood burning Cai Shao 200 ml

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Author's teapot from Yixing clay. Volume - 200 ml.

Refined and graceful form "Si Ting" (Gazebo for reflection).

Tsai Shao high temperature wood burning (pine wood burning). In the process of such firing, each product is unique. In this case, the upper layers of the clay melted. High quality handmade. Average wall thickness. Sieve type - classic. Sounds like metal.

Textured teapot, pleasant to the touch.


  • A new kettle should get used to the temperature in your room before use. Do not rinse the kettle with boiling water immediately after bringing your purchase from a frosty street.
  • Do not wash earthenware kettles with strong-scented detergents. Clay teapots after tea drinking are simply rinsed with hot water, that's enough.
  • Prepare the new kettle for brewing by rinsing with boiling water. And it's better to brew ordinary tea in it and leave it for a day, then pour it out - this way you will prepare the kettle for brewing real tea.


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