Teapot cup 600 ml Samadoyo S023

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Do you like big cups? In this teapot with a button, as much as 600 ml of the finished drink will fit! You can enjoy freshly brewed tea without the hassle. A transparent cover allows you to admire the color of the finished infusion and adjust the strength of the drink.

Such teapots are also called Gongfu Teapot,Tea Master, a teapot for the strait.

The kettle consists of two main parts:
External (hand-made glass bulb made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass)
Internal (made of food-grade plastic, raw materials are imported by the manufacturer from Japan), which can withstand temperatures up to 127 degrees, does not contain bisphenol and is also used for the manufacture of children's dishes in Japan.

The secret of these teapots is that they are equipped with a separate brewing flask, in which you can brew tea many times, each time receiving a small portion of freshly brewed tea and enjoying the change of tastes and aromas in each cup - almost like in a tea ceremony.

Tea in this way can be brewed more than 10 times, observing the simple brewing rules:

1. Fill the brewing tank with dry tea, so that the tea fills 1/3 of the volume of the flask

2. Pour tea with water of the required temperature (recall that for white and green tea, water should be at a temperature not exceeding 80 ° C)

3. Tea we insist no more than 30 seconds, then press the magic button, release the finished tea in the main flask.

4. The brewing time can be adjusted to your liking - it depends on how strong tea you like.

5. After 5-8 mixtures, infusion time can be increased by three breaths (three of your calm breaths and expiration, so as not to look at the clock)

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Samadoyo is a company known for the production of tableware made of high-quality heat-resistant glass for brewing and serving tea. Samadoyo was the first to develop and market the gongfu kettle (tipod) on the market. The quality of gongfu dummies ... Подробнее...