Tea caddy 180 ml No. 1

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  • 375 грн.

A cylindrical jar for storing tea with a landscape.

Volume 180 ml

This caddy boasts a convenient ring on the lid and a wide neck - it is convenient to store loose, bulky tea in it. Decorated with the image of a boat with a fisherman against the background of misty mountains - a pacifying, harmonious pattern.

A caddy is needed for the proper storage of tea, it helps to protect your favorite tea from moisture, light, and foreign odors.

Keep in mind that tea has different densities. This caddy will hold about 50 grams of tightly rolled oolong, such as Mountain of Joy, or just 25 grams of bulk tea, such as Wu Shui Xiang or Wild Sheng Puer.

In this caddy, your tea will remain fresh, tasty and fragrant for a long time!

Enjoy your tea with i-tea.club!

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