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Synonyms: Alishan Gaba-tea, Alishan Green Gaba-tea, Gabaron-Chai tea, Alishan-Chabaron tea, Alishan Green Haba-tea, GABA-green tea

Alishan Green is the only green tea that lowers blood pressure!

Green Alishan stimulates the head mosaic, directs thoughts in the right direction, increases efficiency and concentration, improves memory and stimulates brain activity. At the same time, relieves physical stress and has anti-stress effect. May slightly lower pressure. An ideal tea for those who are constantly on their toes, for making important decisions, for negotiations and vigorous activity.
In addition to the properties characteristic of GABA tea, it has all the benefits of oolongs. It contains a whole range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, normalizes pressure, removes toxins and slags from the body, cleanses and renews the body, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol levels.
Taste and aroma:
Bright, sweetish, with notes of fresh pastries and caramel, remembered by a floral-fruity aftertaste, will appeal to green tea lovers. This GABA tea is the weakest fermented in the GABA line, very close to green tea in taste and aroma.
Amazingly delicious GABA tea - be sure to try!
Brewing method:
The first, and perhaps the main condition - tune in to have fun, do not drink this tea in a hurry.
Take the purified water and heat it to 95-100 degrees. It is better not to brew Green GABA tea with boiling water, let the water cool slightly. Warm the teapot with hot water, pour tea into it at the rate of 1 gram of tea per 100 ml of water. 1 gram of green Alishan is about a third of a teaspoon. Shake the tea so that it is warmed up in the hot dishes so that you can get additional pleasure from inhaling the aroma of the dry tea leaf and at the same time wake up the tea. Fill the tea with hot water, directing the stream of water in circles - so the water will hug and wash each tea. Insist tea for 3-5 minutes, then pour into cups and enjoy.

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