Teapot 350 ml KAMJOVE GUNFU TEA POT TP-735 + measuring spoon

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Teapot TP-735. Flask volume 350 ml.
Measuring spoon - included.

This model has the most elegant and convenient volume. Will appeal to tea lovers alone or in a small company. Also, the absence of a spout makes it easier to care for the kettle.

The kettle consists of two main parts:
Outer (hand-made glass flask with a plastic handle fixed by a metal strip)
Internal (made from food-grade plastic, the raw materials are imported by the manufacturer from Japan), which withstands temperatures up to 127 degrees, does not contain bisphenol and is also used to make children's dishes in Japan.

These teapots are also called Gunfu Teapot, Tipod, Tea Master, kettle for strait.

KAMJOVE teapots allow you to make tea as tasty and fragrant as it is obtained by brewing using the Gunfu Cha method (the highest art of tea drinking). The only difference is that you do not need to keep at home a whole set of dishes, just enough of this kettle and cups.

The secret of these teapots is that they are equipped with a separate flask for brewing, in which you can brew tea many times, each time receiving a small portion of freshly brewed tea and enjoy the change of tastes and aromas in each cup - almost like in a tea ceremony.

Tea in this way can be brewed more than 10 times, following simple rules for brewing:

1. Fill the teapot with dry tea, so that the tea fills 1/3 of the flask volume.

2. Fill the tea with water of the required temperature (recall that for white and green tea the water should be at a temperature not higher than 80 ° C)

3. Tea insist no more than 30 seconds, then press the magic button, release the finished tea in the main flask, and pour it into cups.

4. Brewing time can be adjusted to your liking - depends on how strong you like tea

5. After 5-8 minutes of brewing, the infusion time can be increased by three breaths (three of your calm breaths and exhalations, so as not to look at the clock)

The red color of the button on the lid indicates that the inner part with the lid is securely fixed on the flask. Therefore, there is no need to remove the lid, get the inside, or hold it with your hand when you pour the brewed tea into the cup.

To wash the inside, just turn it counterclockwise a little and it can be easily removed.

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