Gift tea "Thai Orchid"

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  • 270 грн.

Thai orchid flowers (blue tea, butterfly peas, tripartite clitoria, anchan) are packed in a beautiful craft veneer tube. Exotic flowers give an infusion of bright blue color - such a gift will definitely surprise and be sure to remember!

Anchan can be brewed as a standalone drink, or you can prepare an amazing blue latte based on it. Use a glass teapot and bowls - do not take away the pleasure of contemplating the fantastic color of blue tea!

Blue tea is rich in vitamins and microelements, has a soft, delicate herbaceous taste, surprises and gives a great mood!

A great inexpensive gift for any occasion!

  • Total tea weight: 30 grams
  • Tube dimensions: height 65 mm, diameter 95 mm

The gift is original, but it is possible to fill the gift tubes with other tea at your discretion on request. In this case, the cost will vary depending on the cost of the tea. The lead time is 5-7 days. Keep in mind that tea has different densities and very different prices. Call us (067) 185-0407 and we will help you find a gift for your taste and budget.

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