Teapot Yixing clay № 1607, 400 ml

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  • 850 грн.

Big teapot made of Yixing clay. Volume - 400 ml.

Kettle of red isinsky clay. Packed in a beautiful gift box. The walls of the kettle are decorated with an elegant pattern.

Clay from Ishina is famous all over the world, it has a porous structure, which prevents the beverage from cooling rapidly and allows tea to breathe. The texture of clay is very plastic, it allows craftsmen to make real masterpieces of various shapes and volumes. To get this or that color, real pottery artists mix several types of clay from different deposits, vary the firing temperature, add organic and mineral substances. But the dominant color remains the base material. There are several main shades of Isaine clay: red, purple, green, yellow and black.

Today, the original clay deposit is closed. The clay used now is also mined in Yisin, only in other deposits. But this does not mean at all that teapots made of clay from other deposits are fake.

Factory kettles are relatively inexpensive - no more than $ 80. They are produced en masse, they do not pretend to be considered as masterpieces of art, but the cost is also comfortable.

Teapots from individual craftsmen are piece products, each of them is individual and is sold for $ 80-500.

Teapots from world-famous masters are flawless and are made in single copies. The cost of such products - from $ 1000 and above.

So it’s up to you how strong your tea ambitions are :-) And we will try to provide you with the richest selection possible.

Enjoy your tea with i-tea.club!

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