Porcelain service for tea ceremony

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Porcelain tea ceremony service consists of 100 ml gaivan., 100 ml whipping, an elegant strainer on a hand-shaped stand and eight cups of 30 ml. Packed in a beautiful gift box.

Chinese porcelain has always been famous for subtlety, transparency and exquisite drawings. The tea set is painted with hieroglyphs, it looks very stylish and colorful. The bowls of the closed, "winter" form - the walls converge inward, keeping the tea hot for as long as possible.

Bowls of this shape are well suited for cozy tea drinking with highly fermented tea - red, shu-puer, dark oolongs. Although, on the contrary, many sources claim that porcelain is better suited for light tea - you choose, there are no hard and fast rules in Chinese tea drinking. Brew tea and drink it the way you like it.

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