Chaban round with a ceramic tray "Mountains"

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This you have not seen before! This tea board is an amazing combination of bamboo and ceramics!

The working surface is made of hand-ground quality bamboo. This wood, as it is known, is the best for making tea boards - it is beautiful, light, and does not undergo deformations due to moisture and temperature changes.

Ceramic tray with eco-friendly marble pattern is not only aesthetic, but also functional. Such a shepherd will never leak and will not change shape.

The round shape is unconventional for tea boards, but this is a real innovation! You avoid angularity and smoothly immerse yourself in the magical world of tea conditions!

It remains only to choose tea.

Dimensions - 21,2 х 21,2 х 4,4 cm. Materials - ceramics and bamboo.

Enjoy your tea with!

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