Sung pial of clay in glaze, 70 ml pattern number 17

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Piala handmade "winter" form. The walls are closed inside, which allows you to keep your tea hot for as long as possible.

Sun porcelain was created during the reign of the Song dynasty (960–1260), which was the era of the highest cultural development, when all the arts expressed the idea of ​​harmony between man and nature. It was in Sung porcelain that the ceramic art of China reached genuine maturity.

The special manufacturing technology of the bowl allows to achieve uniqueness in each product When fired, the glaze applied by the master melts and forms beautiful patterns that are not repeated in any product. Therefore, you can be sure that no one else has such a bowl - it is only yours, an individual bowl for drinking tea.

You can order a few pieces, then each of your guests will begin to drink tea from the bowl they choose - each will have their own, beloved one. At the same time, the overall style will be preserved - and tea drinking will be unforgettable!

The volume of bowls: 70 ml

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